Commercial Walk-In Freezer Repair

Commercial walk-in freezers protect your food inventory investment dollars. Storing your food at the proper temperature is critical to maintaining the viability of your stored food. Improperly maintained or malfunctions can cost you in food and in health department fines. Contact Tetra Tech Appliance Repair at the first sign something is not working properly.

Call our technicians if you notice any of the following:

  • Ice Buildup

Ice buildup on air vents or evaporator coils of a commercial walk-in freezer is a symptom of a larger problem with your unit. Call us today to diagnose the issue and resolve it before it becomes a larger problem.

  • Motor Running Constantly

If the motor in your commercial walk-in freezer is running non-stop, it is running harder than it should. This us normally due to a coolant leak or an air leak from the unit that is allowing cool air to escape. There are many issues that could cause this symptom. Contact Tetra Tech Appliance Repair to diagnose your problem.

  • No Power

If your commercial walk-in freezer is not running, it could be caused by a number of factors such as a blown fuse or a thermostat that is set to the wrong temperature. Make sure to check circuit breakers and airflow around vents. If you need professional help, contact Tetra Tech Appliance Repair services today to schedule service.

  • Temperature Too High

If the temperature in your commercial walk-in freezer is too warm, check the thermostat and ensure it has not been changed incorrectly. Ambient heat can also cause the temperature inside your unit to rise. If the issue still persists, Tetra Tech Appliance Repair technicians can get your refrigerator cool again.

Why Choose Tetra Tech Appliance Repair?

Finding a trusted commercial appliance repair company can be a difficult task. We employ highly qualified technical professionals you can trust. We stand behind our work and offer warranties on all parts and repairs. Read our customer reviews below, and know that when you pick Tetra Tech Appliance Repair to repair your commercial appliances, you’ve made the right decision.

Have Something Else?

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Client Reviews

What People Are Saying About Tetra Tech Appliance Repair

Hubert was on time and finished the job in a reasonable amount of time including making a separate trip to pick up the parts. Job well done!

Sig M.

The tech came promptly at the timeframe quoted. He also was the first to reply to my post. Was very satisfied with his repair of my LG refrigerator.

Shelley E.

Parts order needed. Was kept up to date and installation was quick and effective.

James T

Installed a gas stovetop. Great communication, prompt, and did great work! Thanks for getting us out of a jam!

Paul H.

Awesome technician. Went above and beyond. Totally professional, would hire again!

Leigh H.

Hubert is qualified and has excellent work ethics. He understood our time constraint with the broken dryer, and he came late in the evening to replace the broken part. He is excellent!

Klara F.

Got the job done in one day. Very pleased with the work

Davida H.

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